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We are experts at AC repair. Find us about your AC repair problem and we will discuss how exactly we can help you with your issue.

Is the air running and blowing warm air?

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Turn off your AC for about an hour and start again. Sometimes the compressor needs to reset. If you see ice formed on the lines outside, do not turn on your AC. Wait for us to arrive.

The AC will not turn on?

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If you have access to the handler, the overflow valve may be triggered. The drain pipe may be clogged.

AC working but not much air flow?

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Try replacing the air filter. Air filters should be replaced every month in Florida, especially if you have pets. Before buying expensive filters, ask our technician if your AC is designed to use such filters as many of them restrict too much air flow.

We do not recommend inexperienced persons attempting to repair the air conditioner, however...

Some repairs can be done yourself to temporarily alleviate the issue until a technician arrives. If you are a handyman with proper tools, there are many videos online that can help. Please DO NOT open the handler or the condenser. Serious injury can occur, including death. We understand it is hot when air conditioners normally fail, our technicians are working as fast as they can to reach you.

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