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About Freedom Air Conditioning

Servicing and installing air conditioning systems that bring comfort to people has always been the reward in itself during my many years as a technician. For a long time I witnessed the reaction from homeowners when a system was repaired or installed and their family could once again relax in comfort. I took great pride in delivering the best job possible each and every time, and when I fell short it was a painful weight on my shoulders.

So, I wanted to continue delivering comfort to families across Florida but with a major change to the common practice of the industry - the cost. Strongly, for a long time, I believed we can do better. Saving money is something everyone loves to do. Working for other HVAC contractors I was not able to deliver on my desire to deliver a better product, better service, for less money - and Freedom Air was born. Freedom from predatory practices that take away from the overall experience, freedom with competitive price guarantees and service promises that have rattled the competition.

Freedom Air was started with very little money. I was not sure how we were going to make it happen, but the desire to deliver the best value forged our path for the new business. Today we have several technicians, many customers later, are thriving and expanding. Just as I started on day one, today, we never lose sight of what made our company grow and how important of a role love and integrity plays when dealing with people. ~Jim Bradford, CEO & Founder